"It's always a pleasure and gives me great pride to hear visitors comments about the CMHOF!  Music really brings people together and within those beautiful walls are gracious depictions of Country Music's history." - Dottie, Volunteer since 2007



How do I apply?

Go to the Volunteer Opportunities page and explore the options. If there is a volunteer opportunity there that is a match for your skills and interests, follow the instructions on the Volunteer Opportunities page, and you will be contacted to schedule your attendance at an information session.

What about parking?

Free parking is provided for volunteers during their volunteer hours only.

What days and times can I volunteer?

Most volunteer opportunities occur Mondays through Fridays between 9:00am and 5:00pm. There are limited opportunities between 9:00am and 5:00pm on weekends.  Click on the Volunteer Opportunities link and you will find more information in the volunteer opportunity descriptions.

How often am I expected to volunteer?

Volunteers are asked to volunteer on a monthly basis for a minimum of one year.

Do volunteers give guided tours of the museum?

The museum is designed as a self-guided museum. The only tours which are provided on a regular basis by the museum are for school groups which attend as an extension of their school experience.



"Serving as a volunteer at the Hall of Fame has been so delightful and rewarding.  I get to make people from all over the world feel welcome here in Nashville.  I have met visitors from the UK and South Africa who share my own love for country music.  I have made great friends with the wonderful staff and even discovered I have a distant past relative featured in the museum!" -Lori, Volunteer since 2007


"Working with CMHF employees is totally awesome!!!" - Alice, volunteer since 2008


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